About the book

“it’s better to travel” is a shorty story about writing and DJing around the world as a diplomat. From working in an embassy to working behind the decks; from writing and researching a series of record shop guides to writing and researching for a radio interview as the Deputy Ambassador in Mongolia. The book is a series of 15 interconnecting travel essays through the eyes of 15 people from 15 different countries linking a squat party in Hanoi to a graffiti artist in New York to a lock-in Paris. 

The book is shaped by writing and DJing around the world and looking for the creative space. And I found some wonderful spots to write around the world with tales to match!

About myself, I have been writing since the early nineties primarily as a music journalist, having started a fanzine ‘Left on the Jazz Side’ in 1991. I worked for Blues and Soul magazine between 1996-2001 including writing the monthly jazz column between 1999-2001. My work has also appeared in Shook magazine and online for BBC Music and Fly Global amongst others. In 2005 I set up The Secret List series of record shop guides and travelogues, one of the first to cast a light on both buying records and record shops. I published the first edition to Los Angeles (2013), Paris (2014) and London (2016).

I hope you enjoy “it’s better to travel” and it is suitable inspiration to seek out the new and the different.